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Tax Planning

Tax planning is simply optimising both the timing and strategy of your business tax matters, to ensure that you pay as little tax possible. Those strategies should be geared to optimise and improve business growth.Tax planning is an essential tool for any business to undertake each year in order to effectively plan ahead towards the end of the financial year to ensure no nasty tax bills appear unexpectedly.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are measured on relative performance. Their performance is compared to a relevant index such as the S&P 500 Index or to other Mutual Funds in their same sector. Hedge funds, on the other hand, are expected to deliver absolute returns by attempting to make profits under all circumstances, even when the relative indices are down

Wealth Management

The term Wealth Management refers to a professional investment and advisory service that offers financial planning, investment management and other types of specialized financial advice.It is a process that aims to provide techniques and plans that allows an individual or an company to attain all the possible goals in a systematic pragmatic manner.

Investment & Portfolio Management

A portfolio Management refers to the science of analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for perfoming wide range of activities related to the one's portfolio for maximizing the return at a given risk. It helps in making selection of Debt Vs Equity, Growth VS Safety, and various other tradeoffs.

Insurance Advisory

Insurance is a term used to refer to the actions, systems, or business where the financial protection (or financial compensation) to people, property, health and so forth to get reimbursement form the events that can not be expect.

Compliance Services

Our Compliance experts have the complete knowledge of the corporate compliance needs across jurisdictions in the territory. Non-Compliance can result in fines and imprisonment if one has no updates regarding important information. The compliance horizon in the Asian jurisdictions is highly dynamic as most of the economies are on verge of transition. Stalion Cap will be a valuable partner for the companies having intra-regional operations offering them compliance services/solutions for all of their Regional Subsidiaries. We will leave you to concentrate on your core activities as we will be providing you the following services:

  • Company Constitution
  • Meetings & Company Officers
  • Maintaining Statutory Books & Registers
  • Annual Filings with The Company Registrar
  • Statutory Reporting
Consulting Services

Asia is gaining importance as global economic engine and with the introduction of the concept of International Business, every business in every country is trying to get connected with each other despite of the regional differences. Stalion Cap have a group of consultants which provides due diligence to the different businesses regarding their critical business decisions such as M & A, Investment and expansion into the new areas, etc. and we also help in identifying the new and effective sources of advantages while avoiding risk. We mainly provide the following services:

  • Corporate Development & Finance
  • Investment
  • People & Management
  • New Market/Partner/Vendor Evaluation
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Grant Assistance (for Indian & Foreign companies)
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